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Automating SharePoint List Integration: Syncing and Counting Events

Updated: 1 day ago

Description: In this video, we tackle a common challenge: how to automatically synchronize SharePoint List A (Events) with SharePoint List B (User Event Summary) every time a new item is created.

We walk through a practical example where Event List integrates event information for various users, and events. Our goal is to automate the process so that User Event Summary gets user data, counts the events closed for each user, and maintains a total count of events for all users.

We'll explore the steps involved, share recommendations, and demonstrate how to leverage Microsoft Power Automate to achieve this seamless integration. Whether you're managing events, tasks, or any other data, this guide will help you streamline your SharePoint workflows and boost productivity.

Hope it helps!

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I'm Leoza Kabir Barker, a Functional Consultant at XRM Vision with a focus on the Power Platform. Through my expertise, I aim to streamline processes, optimize operations, and maximize productivity. 

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